AI Powered Product Guidance to Convert More Sales 

Solve your customers' pain points by eliminating product brochures or directing them to third-party sources to make their purchase decisions.

Keep customers on YOUR website by creating memorable buying experiences and convert more sales with AI-powered product guidance using Product AIdvisor! Sales problems solved!

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"How Can I Help You?" is Just the Beginning

Product AIdvisor is powered by Generative AI and Conversational AI that enables your sales teams to communicate with customers and improve customer service across all channels.

Enhance the customer research and experience process with simplified product discovery with potential solutions and products. 

Recommend the right product at the right time.

What can Product AIdvisor help with?

  • Product Recommendations

  • Product Availability

  • Product Configurations

  • Product Reviews in One Place

  • Order Generation and Fulfillment


A Better Buying Experience

Product AIdvisor engages with your prospect and customers online.

You have a trove of SKUs, and complex product descriptions in catalogs which leads to information overload and abandonment to a competitor for an easier buying experience.

Your prospects don't have enough time to sift through PDFs.

What if you could have a product advisor available 24/7 to answer all questions and receive personalized product recommendations?

Create a better buying experience through better conversations.

Product AIdvisor is Your Product Discovery Tool

Boost Sales Conversions by 30%

Using AI technology and machine and deep learning, AI guided selling paths using Product AIdvisor ensures your customers find the perfect product in real time to meet their needs, resulting in higher conversion rates

Transform Static Catalogs

Say goodbye to ineffective product catalogs. Product AIdvisor is an AI tool that transforms them into dynamic, intelligent product guides that your customers can trust.

Knowledge Graph

We convert all product content and data sets into a knowledge graph, intelligently answering customer questions.

Natural Language Guidance

Our artificial intelligence (AI) guides customers in real time to filter products using natural language and a decision tree based on historic sales interactions.

Personalized Recommendations

By utilizing customer profile data, we recommend products tailored to their preferences, increasing the likelihood of purchase.

Sales Team Empowerment

Equip your sales teams with AI technology for guided solutions for in-person customer sales support.

Digital Channels

Integrate Product AIdvisor into email, SMS, and messaging apps ,like WhatsApp, to address customer queries promptly.

Sales Support

Enable Sales support and call centers to answer customer questions.

Continuous Learning

Capture and learn continuously based on customer feedback and actions.

Become a Product AIdvisor Early Adopter

Don't miss out on the future of intelligent product guidance. Transform your product catalogs into an AI-powered sales advisor for your customers and sales teams.

We're offering an early adopter program that includes a free trial!


Grow Sales, Increase Conversion Rates, and Improve Sales Productivity 

  • Grow Revenues

  • Improve Sales Productivity

  • Enhance Customer Experience

30% more sales conversions

Manufacturers typically provide a product catalog that is simply a collection of digital brochures organized by product category and then by model. Customers cannot easily figure out what the right product is to meet their needs. Customers frequently rely on third-party comparison sites, ratings & reviews, and referrals to decide which product to buy.

Using Product AIdvisor, you can engage and acquire potential customers effectively using guided sales. image recognition and personalized recommendations to increase the conversion rate and sales.



10% to 30% more productivity from Sales team

In today's rapidly evolving landscape, products are becoming increasingly complex and technologically advanced, while product lifecycles are shrinking at an unprecedented rate. This poses a significant challenge for sales teams struggling to keep pace with these constant product changes. As the aging workforce gradually retires, manufacturers and channel partners are losing valuable knowledge and experience, exacerbating the problem. All these factors combined create a daunting obstacle for sales teams when it comes to confidently advising customers, answering their inquiries, and delivering spot-on product recommendations.

Our revolutionary AI application. Product AIdvisor, you can bridge the knowledge gap seamlessly.

Comprehensive Product Insights: Product AIdvisor is equipped with an expansive repository of up-to-date product information, ensuring your sales teams always have the latest knowledge at their fingertips.
Guided Customer Engagement: Whether it's a direct interaction with potential buyers or assisting your sales personnel, Product AIdvisor is there every step of the way. It actively guides customers through decision-making, ultimately leading them toward a confident purchase.

By integrating Product AIdvisor into your sales process, you can enhance productivity and effectiveness by empowering your sales teams with the knowledge and confidence they need to navigate complex products effortlessly and elevating their ability to provide customers with accurate information, expert advice, and tailored product recommendations.

Provide a top-notch experience across all channels

In today's fast-paced digital era, customers have grown accustomed to instant answers and seamless, conversational experiences thanks to tools like Chat GPT. The traditional methods, such as basic search and hierarchical product category listings, employed by most manufacturers, just don't cut it anymore in keeping customers engaged.

Customers expect concise, easy-to-understand answers to their questions regarding product features, capabilities, advantages, warranty and support, energy usage, and every other facet of your offerings.

Unlock a New Era of Customer Experience

With our AI-powered product advisor, you can revolutionize the way you engage with your customers across all digital channels.

  • Natural Language Mastery: Our AI is fluent in the language of your customers, providing instant, conversational responses to their inquiries.
  • A Comprehensive Knowledge Graph: Access a vast product knowledge graph that ensures every answer is well-informed and accurate.
  • Tailored Recommendations: Our AI doesn't just answer questions; it offers personalized product recommendations, elevating the customer experience to new heights.

Seamless Transitions, Consistent Excellence

When your customers transition from digital channels to in-person interactions with your sales teams at dealer networks or retail outlets, the experience remains consistent. Your teams deliver the same superior answers and recommendations, ensuring your customers stay engaged throughout the entire sales process.

By providing an unmatched sales experience, you can efficiently acquire and retain customers. Embrace the power of AI and redefine your customer experience. It's time to meet and exceed their expectations, every step of the way. Elevate your customer engagement, drive loyalty, and thrive in this customer-centric age.


How can Product AIdvisor help you?

What Questions Can Product AIdvisor Answer?

The Product AIdvisor is trained to answer many important questions during the sales process, such as:

  • Need Recognition: Does the product satisfy a current need or want?
  • Product Features & Specifications: Does the product have the desired features, size, color, specifications, or functionality?
  • Brand: Is the brand reputable, trustworthy, or preferred based on past experiences or perceptions?
  • Price: Is the product's price within the customer's budget and does it offer good value for its cost?
  • Quality: Does the product meet or exceed the expected quality standards?
  • Availability: Is the product available when and where the customer wants it?
  • Compatibility: Is the product compatible with other products the customer owns or plans to purchase?
  • Environmental Impact: Is the product sustainable and eco-friendly, or does it have a minimal carbon footprint?
  • Reviews & Recommendations: What do other customers or trusted sources say about the product?
  • Warranty & Support: Does the product come with a guarantee, warranty, or after-sales support?
  • Return Policy: Is there a convenient return or exchange policy if the customer is dissatisfied?
  • Aesthetics & Design: Does the product appeal to the customer's taste or style preferences?
  • Safety: Is the product safe to use? Does it have any associated risks?
  • Replacement & Upgrade: Is the product an upgrade or replacement for a previous product? How frequently might it need replacement?
  • Long-term Value: Will the product provide value over an extended period, or is it a short-term purchase?

How does Product AIdvisor use AI?

The Product AIdvisor uses

  • Latest LLM Models: The latest LLM models to process the product content, understand NLP
  • Predictive Models: Predictive AI models to provide product recommendations
  • Gen AI: Gen AI capabilities to generate responses that the customers easily understand
  • Machine Learning-Optimized Decision Trees: Machine learning to create the most effective decision trees to guide the customers
  • Continuous Learning from Customer Feedback: Capture and learn continuously based on customer feedback and actions
  • Industry-Specific Ontology: Product and decision ontology specific to your industry

What other areas can Product AIdvisor help with?

Product AIdvisor serves as a foundation for adding intelligence to:

  • Product Configurators
  • Accessories and Attachments
  • Product Feedback to Strategy, Marketing, Engineering, and Quality
  • Product Order Generation and Fulfillment

Is there a free version to get started?


Ready to transform your customer experience? You can begin with our free product version, allowing you to train Product AIdvisor with up to 100 products and 10 GB of product content.

Activate Product Advisor across all your channels.  Contact Us today to get started.