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Decision Intelligence Applications

Our decision intelligence applications are a fast and cost-effective way to infuse AI solutions into your decision making process and business decisions.

Improve your customer experience and customer engagement with data driven solutions using our powerful AI platform.


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Learn how decision intelligence improves quality, velocity, and outcomes of your decisions. We take a deep dive into the core of decision intelligence, its applications, and its impact on business outcomes. 


Analyze, Augment, and Automate your decisions.

Our intelligent business applications augment existing enterprise processes through AI-powered insights, guided recommendations, conversational AI and agent-based automation. AI solutions bridge the knowledge and skill gap in your team, suppliers, channel partners, and improve customer service.

Automate impactful and repetitive tasks during the product and customer lifecycle and enable decision makers to make the best possible business decisions.

Augment Applications

Initiate decision circuits from any application, workflow, chatbot auotmation, web page, form, or mobile app to infuse intelligence into your business process. Empower your teams on the front lines or back office, channel partners, suppliers, and customers to make better quality decisions.

Data Integration

Decision Circuits integrate with data from multiple sources, including enterprise applications, real-time transactions, and historical data stores using standard connectors, data fabric architecture, and data intelligence platform.

Composite Artificial Intelligence

Data Circuits combine various AI algorithms, techniques, and methods, including Gen AI, conversational AI, machine learning, neural networks, and image/speech recognition, to optimize the outcome for a specific decision case.

Track Outcomes

Track and improve the value of the outcomes with continuous monitoring, evaluation, and tuning of the decision intelligence models. Decisions, Actions, and Outcomes are tracked, and that data is used for further AI model training.


Outcome = Decision (Data) + Execution

  • Outcomes

  • Decisions (Data)

  • Execution


Maximize the Value of Outcomes

While the untapped value of AI reaches into the trillions, many companies miss out due to poor data quality, the rapid pace of AI advancement, and legitimate concerns around AI ethics and transparency. is at the forefront of pioneering AI as a Service, designed specifically to supercharge your core business applications, dramatically improve decision-making, and substantially improve the productivity of your knowledge workers.

Unlock the full potential of AI and transform your business with


Better Quality Decisions at scale 

Data has been growing exponentially, but the gap between the availability of data and the ability to generate value using it continues to widen. Data is the new electricity, and our Decision Circuits power your applications to perform the jobs more effectively.  You can avoid the complexity, cost, and high risk involved in AI projects and plug into the Data and AI grid easily, at a fraction of the cost, and lower risk. 

Analyze, Augment, and Automate the decisions to perform executable actions and generate value. 

Team and Jobs

Go beyond Dashboards to Executable Actions

The promise of actionable insights from reporting, dashboards, and BI tools has fallen short of delivering results for businesses. Even though the Business Rules Management Systems (BRMS), and Robotic Process Automation (RPA) have improved automation by imitating people, they have put the burden on the business and IT teams to update these in a fast-changing, dynamic world. 

As Thomas Edison said, "Genius is 1% inspiration, and 99% perspiration.". 

Our focus is on leveraging AI algorithms to recommend actions, automate processes, and continuously learn to improve value while improving the productivity of the knowledge workers. 


Need clarification?

What use cases can we use products for?

While our Decision Circuits can be applied to different business processes, we are focused on improving repetitive, operational decisions. Initial use cases are focused in the areas where the business value is high, and quality data is available: 

Drive your revenues by empowering your customers and sales teams to make better decisions on your product selection and configurations. 

Improve speed, accuracy, and efficiency of order fulfillment by how your operations teams, channel partners, and customers capture, process, and complete orders on multiple channels.  

Contact Us for a free assessment of how you can optimize outcomes with AI-powered decisions. 

What does offer - Platform, Services, Applications? provides pre-packaged applications in Enterprise AI as a Service model.  Our AI apps augment your enterprise applications at key decision points to deliver immediate value and enhance customer interactions and satisfaction. 

We are NOT a development platform or a tool that requires IT teams to develop custom solutions. We leverage AI Cloud platforms, algorithms,  foundation models, and tools to create applications that can be used to analyze, augment, and automate decisions involved in specific business processes.

Our applications are offered similarly to vertical SaaS (Software as a Service) business applications in the cloud. 

What decisions would you like to Analyze, Augment, and Automate?