Optimize Outcomes with Decision Intelligence Powered by AI

Analyze, augment, and automate repeatable operational decisions to unlock the full potential of AI and transform your business.

Product AIdvisor

AI Guided Selling Paths

We help manufacturers of complex, high value products eliminate the need for product brochures or ineffective chatbots. Create, train, and deploy GenAI powered advisors to guide your customers through sales and service of your complex products.

Guide your customers to the right product at the right time with custom recommendations. Get first-party data and focus on your customer's needs and behaviors.


Boost service quality and customer experience

Service AIdvisor is designed for manufacturers to deliver accurate and relevant answers using your comprehensive service knowledge base, which includes service manuals, bulletins, operator manuals, training videos, and related content.

AI as Service Platform Capabilities

Infuse Decision Intelligence Into Your Applications Faster and at a Lower Cost

decision circuits leverage AI to solve use cases

Decision Circuits

Decision Circuits leverage scalable AI infrastructure, foundation models, and tools to create modular AI applications that solve specific use cases. You can realize tangible and immediate value at a fraction of the cost of internal development.

data-driven decision-intelligence train your models

Data-Driven Decision Models

Our Data-driven decision intelligence models (3DM) are predefined AI and Machine Learning (ML) models focused on improving decision outcomes and making more informed decisions. The experts at Circuitry.ai design, model, train, execute, monitor, and tune the models targeted to your industry, specific processes, and unique use cases to get the most out of your AI platform.

decision orchestration enables monitoring of decision outcomes

Decision Orchestration

Decision orchestration enables continuous monitoring of decision outcomes, organizing, sequencing, and automating multiple interconnected decision points and data sources to achieve specific objectives within the larger context of business workflows or processes.

enterprise as a service applications augment business outcomes

AIaaS Solutions: AI-powered Apps

Our intelligent applications augment business processes during the product and customer lifecycle through AI-powered insights, guided recommendations, and agent-based automation. AIaaS offerings bridge the knowledge and skill gap while automating impactful and repetitive decisions.

Use Cases

Customer Use Cases  for Your Industry, Domain, and Decision Points

“In today's world, products are becoming increasingly complex and advanced, making it challenging to match customers with the right products that meet their unique needs. How will AI advise customers in selecting and ordering products that align with their specifications and preferences?”

“In a world where communication channels are expanding, including SMS, Email, Chatbots, and Digital Assistants, customers expect a more natural and seamless interaction experience. Will AI help these conversations lead to the right transactions with the right entities while improving efficiency?”

“In today's fast-changing business landscape, static rules and traditional reports and dashboards struggle to keep up with the pace of change. How will AI help provide this adaptability and agility needed to address evolving needs and support automation requests from business stakeholders without relying heavily on IT and system changes?”

3 levels towards Fully Autonomous Business Processes (FAB)

Scale your Decisions, Processes, and Business 


Decision Analysis

AI-powered Analytics

AI and ML algorithms to generate advanced analytics and support data-driven decisions.

  • Checkmark Clusters, Segments
  • Checkmark Decision Trees
  • Checkmark Anomaly Detection
  • Checkmark Knowledge Graph
  • Checkmark Similar Decisions


Decision Augmentation

AI-powered Recommendations

Augment your decisions with specific recommendations and the next best actions.

  • Checkmark Recommendations
  • Checkmark Next Actions
  • Checkmark Predictions
  • Checkmark Plan Forecast
  • Checkmark Transactions


Decision Automation

Autonomous Decision Execution

Agents make the decisions and execute actions to optimize the business outcomes.

  • Checkmark Completed Decisions
  • Checkmark Actions in Workflow
  • Checkmark Triggers or Messages
  • Checkmark Transaction Updates
  • Checkmark Business Impact Metrics

Have More Questions?

Why Circuitry.ai?

Circuitry.ai drives better business outcomes by improving how impactful and repetitive decisions are made at your company.

Realize faster time to value at a lower cost by using our decision circuits, focused on your specific business use cases. These AIaaS solutions quickly augment your enterprise applications and processes. We already partner with Amazon Web Services, and Microsoft Azure, so no need to scrap your current tools.

Our innovative Data-Driven Decision Intelligence Models (3DMs) enable you to analyze, augment, and automate decisions resulting in improved outcomes, efficiency, and consistency.

What is Circuitry.ai's Business Model?

Circuitry.ai provides Enterprise AI as a Service applications for cloud computing similar to SaaS (Software as a Service) in a subscription model. The cloud infrastructure, Data platform, AI tools, and selected Circuitry.ai AIaaS offerings are provided as a package to suit your business needs. Circuitry.ai team will perform the DevOps, DataOps, and MLOps to ensure the availability and scalability of the deployed AI models and applications. Circuitry.ai will provide application support globally.

How does Circuitry.ai Pricing Work?

CIrcuitry.ai pricing has two major components and one optional service: 

1. Subscription pricing for AI applications based on the number or volume of decisions at each of the three tiers. This subscription fee includes license, maintenance, support, and hosting for the applications.

2. Usage-based pricing for AI infrastructure and data platform is based on the number of minutes, similar to cloud providers. 

3. An optional subscription service for premium support and any additional AI/ML capacity package. 

Please contact sales for a free assessment and price quote.



How Do We Ensure Your Data Security and Privacy?

Each customer's data is segregated and used for training only customer-specific models. The customer's data is secure, private, and not shared, aggregated, or used for any other purpose than the customer-authorized applications. Whenever feasible, data is accessed from the current source and not replicated except for preparation for training AI models and performing the required inferences.

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