Join the Partner ecosystem to transform decisions powered by AI partners with leading cloud, AI technology, SaaS, and services companies to deliver integrated and innovative solutions for our global enterprise customers.  

We are committed to collaborating with our partners to advance intelligent business applications, Decision Intelligence platform, and Intelligent Automation.   

Team and Jobs

Partnering to Drive Value and Customer Success's Enterprise AI as a Service applications are designed to seamlessly integrate with enterprise software applications, data sources, business processes, workflows, and AI tools.

By collaborating with our technology and services partners globally, we can expand the reach and effectiveness of our combined solutions, ultimately enhancing our customers' value, productivity, and success.  

Featured Technology and Platform Partners


Amazon Web Services leverages the comprehensive cloud and AI services available on Amazon AWS Cloud to provide scalable, reliable, high-performance applications to our global enterprise customers.

AWS partnership offers robust, scalable, and secure infrastructure, high availability and redundancy of services, global reach, data security, and compliance that our customers expect.  

Microsoft Azure has partnered with Microsoft to build innovative AI applications using Azure cloud, AI/Machine learning services, and OpenAI API. delivers easy-to-use and powerful business intelligence capabilities using the industry-leading Microsoft Power BI platform. 


Databricks has partnered with Databricks to unify the data pipelines and generate actionable insights and decisions using the Databricks Lakehouse Platform.

Our AI applications built on the Databricks platform unlock the business value of data by enabling efficient and consistent decisions at scale.