Product Advisor for Sales

Enable buyer engagement, revenue growth, and operational efficiency

Complex products and static catalogs can easily overwhelm and confuse buyers. An untrained sales team might lack the product knowledge to sell effectively, and independent dealers often lack consistent support to help customers.

These challenges can decrease customer satisfaction and reduce conversion rates, ultimately hindering sales growth and damaging the manufacturer's brand reputation.’s Product AIdvisor tackles these challenges by providing instant answers to product questions. Product AIdvisor uses personalized recommendations to guide the selling process, ensuring customers find exactly what they need. 

With  24/7 support, Product AIdvisor can handle a high volume of questions and gather insights into customer preferences.


Transform buyer engagement and experience

Customer purchase abandonment rates are over 80%, especially for complex products.

 Product AIdvisor presents complex product information in a simple and engaging interface, helping customers make informed decisions fast.

Instead of browsing product catalogs, customers can engage with Product AIdvisor to get answers and receive matching product recommendations.

With support across websites, mobile apps, social media, and messaging platforms, customers can enjoy a seamless experience no matter what device they're using.

Increase sales conversion and grow revenues

Product AIdvisor helps sales teams to convert more opportunities and drive top-line growth. By deploying the Product AIdvisor to your distributors, dealers, and retailers, you can make your channel sales team experts on your products.

With Product AIdvisor, you can:

  • Engage with customers proactively, answering questions and guiding them through the sales process.
  • Provide personalized product recommendations, increasing the likelihood of purchase.
  • Reduce cart abandonment rates with 24/7 support and instant responses to customer questions.
  • Increase average order value with relevant upsell and cross-sell suggestions.

Improve sales team productivity

Is your sales team struggling to stay updated with the latest product details? Training large teams and keeping product information current can be both time-consuming and costly.

Our AI-powered Product AIdvisor provides immediate, accurate answers to product-related questions, helping your teams communicate features and benefits. It is trained securely using your product catalogs, specifications, and related content, ensuring reliable and precise responses.

Product AIdvisor saves your team valuable time when interacting with customers, drafting proposals, or crafting emails. It simplifies onboarding, enabling new sales members, to perform like seasoned professionals from day one.

Enhance sales operational efficiency

Prospects can overwhelm salespeople with questions about complex products.

Product AIdvisor engages with prospects in natural conversations, helping them understand products better and preparing them for more effective interactions with a salesperson. This allows sales staff to focus on more complex tasks.

Product AIdvisor provides real-time insights and analytics on customer preferences, conversations, and behavior, helping businesses make informed decisions and optimize sales strategies.

With Product AIdvisor, you can meet or exceed sales goals with fewer sales staff, less investment in technology, and lower operational costs.

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