Dealers and Service Centers

Enable your dealer and service network to deliver service efficiently and accurately

Manufacturers depend on independent dealers and service providers for service delivery to their customers, which means service personnel must have deep product knowledge to maintain and repair products effectively. However, traditional methods like training certifications, technical support centers, and online service content are becoming costly, time-consuming, and less effective as products become more complex and service information rapidly evolves.

Service Advisor represents a shift from outdated knowledge management systems towards more dynamic, AI-driven solutions. With Service Advisor, service consultants, managers, and technicians can harness the power of AI to assist with accurate diagnostics and service procedures and identify the correct parts needed for repairs.


Improve profit margins on services and parts

As product margins tighten, manufacturers and dealers increasingly depend on services and parts for higher margins. Service AIdvisor helps cut warranty costs and improves the productivity and profitability of dealer service departments.

The Service AIdvisor streamlines service delivery across manufacturers, distributors, and dealers and integrates seamlessly with Dealer Management Systems (DMS) for Repair Order management.

Augment your dealer network to serve customers better

Dealers can use's conversational interface, PAL, to access a wide range of Advisors offered by OEMs, suppliers, and service information providers, enhancing the service experience and operational efficiency across the board.

Dealers can also use Service Advisor to onboard new service personnel so they can perform at an expert level from day one.

With hands-free voice interactions and multilingual support, Service AIdvisor is the ideal choice for a globally diverse workforce. 

Enhance the customer service experience

With Service AIdvisor, manufacturers, distributors, and dealers can increase profit margins on services and parts while increasing customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Manufacturers' end customers enjoy faster service times, increased product uptime, and fewer instances of follow-up repairs.

Experience the future of dealership service management firsthand.  Get a demo of the AI-powered Service AIdvisor today and see how it can transform your service delivery, enhance operational efficiency, and boost profitability across your dealer network.

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