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We are thrilled to introduce, a groundbreaking startup on a mission to empower people and organizations to make intelligent decisions and achieve optimal outcomes every day using the transformative capabilities of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our goal at is to unlock the full potential of AI for your business.

The potential of AI is immense, with many industry analysts estimating trillions of dollars in value generation. However, many AI projects fail to bridge the gap between potential value and execution. aims to address this challenge by providing Enterprise AI as a Service, augmenting critical applications, improving decision quality, and boosting knowledge worker productivity.

The Focus:

At, our primary focus is to deliver intelligent business applications that augment decision-making and enhance business outcomes. We aim to empower knowledge workers to concentrate on strategic and creative tasks by optimizing decision-making.

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Three core strategies guide our approach:

  1. Optimize using a simple formula: Outcome = Decision(data) + Execution

Decisions using data-driven decision intelligence models (3DM) will improve their quality. In addition, the output will generate executable actions that automate repeat tasks. Better decisions and execution optimize outcomes, creating a feedback loop for continuous improvement.

  1. Decision Circuits for High-Value Use Cases: offers closed-loop decision circuits that power pre-packaged AI applications (AIpps). These AIpps leverage cutting-edge AI technologies such as GenAI, deep learning, computer vision, and control theory. We focus on impactful, repetitive decisions with high feasibility and substantial business value.

  1. Autonomous Business Processes:

Our journey begins with a passion for AI, sparked by the extraordinary driving experience demonstrated by Tesla's Auto Pilot. Just as the Full Self Driving (FSD) capability of Tesla’s cars is achieved at multiple levels, we aim to enable Full Autonomous Business Process (FAB) in three stages of Decision Intelligence: Decision Analysis(AInalysis), Decision Augmentation(AIdvisor), and Decision Automation(AIgent).

 Primary Use case example:

One of the most essential processes for companies is to convert a customer’s need into a product order, as orders bring in revenue. Customer conversion is a process in which companies spend hundreds of billions of dollars yearly, with a high percentage wasted on ineffective advertising instead of helping the customer make the right decision.

Customers make many decisions when purchasing products, configurations, accessories, and related items. Channel partners lack the required knowledge as product cycles get shorter and more advanced and as technologies are added to more products. applications will help to

  • Bridge the knowledge gap for all stakeholders,
  • Provide product advice to end customers on different digital channels,
  • Augment sales teams and channel partners to help customers, and
  • Automate the order and fulfillment process.

This will enable companies to grow revenues, increase customer conversion, and improve the productivity of the teams at the company and channel partners.

 Unlocking the Full Potential Value of AI:

The journey from AI use cases to tangible business value often resembles scaling a massive mountain. It requires specific skills, significant time, and financial investments and comes with a high risk of failure. We understand many companies miss out on AI's value due to data quality issues, a struggle to keep up with rapid AI advancements, and concerns about safety and transparency.

Our goal is to unlock the full potential of AI for your business at stands at the forefront of AI as a Service, enabling your core applications to thrive in an AI-driven world by augmenting your applications with decision intelligence.

What does stand for? considers data as the new electricity, powering intelligent applications. Our name draws inspiration from electric circuits, which share similarities with AI-powered decision circuits. Just as electricity flows through circuits, data drives AI apps via

In electric circuits, electricity flows and transforms, controllers ensure safety and predictability, and various components work together seamlessly. Our decision circuits optimize specific functions within applications, enhancing internal decision-making. connects your enterprise applications to all the AI power from the large Cloud companies and AI utilities using pre-designed, proven, and safe decision circuits.

Embracing the AI Revolution:

We rely on innovation and agility and are determined to deliver value to our customers and partners. Our seamless integration, AI expertise, and commitment to responsible and explainable AI solutions set us apart.

We recognize the importance of AI safety and ethics. We are dedicated to building human-centric, responsible, safe, and ethical AI solutions while acknowledging and addressing the risks associated with AI advancements.

Join Us in Transforming the Future

We are assembling a global team of highly talented individuals to help us achieve our mission. We invite you, our valued customers, employees, partners, and investors, to join us on this exciting journey. If you are passionate about enhancing your business with AI, please connect with us. Together, we will unlock the full potential of AI and usher in a transformative era.

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