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Webinar Recap: Guide Customers through Sales with Product AIdvisor

Start your Decision Intelligence journey with Product AIdvisor, an AI-powered guided selling solution that boosts conversions and grows sales.



In our webinar “Guide Your Customers through Sales with Product AIdvisor Powered by Gen AI," led by’s Ashok Kartham, Founder and CEO, we discussed how companies can leverage our AI-powered Advisor solution to increase customer conversions and grow sales.

Keep reading for key takeaways or click here to watch the recording on-demand.

The Impact of Decisions

AI, especially generative AI (GenAI), has been transforming every aspect of business. We all know that people's decisions have a profound impact on the value of business outcomes. One of the most important decisions that drive revenue is customers choosing to buy one of your products. Decision Intelligence helps you optimize outcomes by helping you analyze, automate, and augment these impactful decisions.

We are excited to launch Product AIdvisor, an intelligent guided selling solution powered by Decision Intelligence, to help your customers and teams during the marketing, sales, support, and service stages.

Our unique approach to connecting decisions to actions and outcomes will help you deliver an amazing customer experience, convert more prospects into customers, and grow sales.

Decision Intelligence Powered by AI

In today's interconnected world, getting information has never been easier with the web, cloud, and a number of chatbots in the market. We bridge this gap by leveraging Product AIdvisor to help your teams and customers turn that information into actions that lead to better outcomes.

We’re leveraging GenAI to provide natural language access to knowledge. We also use advanced AI algorithms such as recommendation engines, predictive, and prescriptive analytics to deliver better outcomes and intelligent automation.

Powered by Your Knowledge04.Knowledge-02

  • Trustworthy answers: Our Advisors are exclusively trained on your proprietary knowledge so that you can trust your Advisor will always deliver accurate information based solely on your company knowledge and not public or generic knowledge.
  • Easy access: Advisors provide customers with easy access to the knowledge they need to make a purchase.
  • Semantic search: Advisor answers are based on semantic search to ensure meaningful answers.

Exceptional Conversational AI

  • Natural interactions — Customers can talk with Advisors just like they would with a salesperson.
  • Guided selling — Advisors will guide customers through every step of the process. They’ll ask clarifying questions when needed to understand the customer’s needs and make the right recommendations.
  • Personalized experience — Advisors deliver ultra-personalized answers based on a deep understanding of the customer’s needs and use case.

Product AIdvsior’s Edge

Lost sales are a huge problem for online retailers of all shapes and sizes. It’s eye-opening to realize that the average cart abandonment rate across all industries is 70%. And it only worsens when customers go to smaller screens—if it isn’t easy, customers will leave. The solution? Product AIdvisor.

Product AIdvisor Diagram

  • Expert Guidance — Your customers will have 24/7 access to an AI-powered virtual SME that can guide them through the buying process.
  • Omnichannel experience — Our Advisors can engage with customers wherever they are, whether on the web, via mobile apps, via text, or through messaging apps like WhatsApp.
  • Saves you money — Boost your team's efficiency without needing to hire additional staff. You can also use Advisors as a training tool to help build your team's expertise.
  • Personalized strategies— Advisors use personalized recommendations and upselling strategies to help customers make informed purchases, boosting average order value and reducing cart abandonment.

 Enterprise AI As a Service

With our AI as a Service (AIaaS) model, we aim to provide you with the immediate value of a complete, ready-to-use intelligent business application.

  • Faster time to value Start immediately instead of spending a lot of time, money, and effort building an in-house AI model.
  • Cost-effective Our subscription model is easy to use and doesn’t need a huge upfront investment.
  • Continuous innovation — As our generative AI and AI algorithms continue to improve, you’ll get increasing value without any extra cost.

Audience Q&A

What data can I use to train the Advisor?

We can train your Advisors on any data you give us, but for best results, we recommend using PDFs, web pages, or databases filled with information about the products you want to sell. You can also use internal guides like training guides or sales call transcripts. The more information you upload, the more robust the Advisor will be.

How long does it take to implement, and what is onboarding like?

Implementing Product AIdvisor takes just a few hours (depending on how much information is uploaded). The onboarding process is simple and intuitive.

What file types can be uploaded?

You can upload multiple file types including CSV, Excel, PDF, and URLs. 

Product AIdvisor is one solution; are there any others?

We aim to provide different solutions on our Decision Intelligence platform. Product AIdvisor is the first use case where we focus on augmenting the sales process. Our Service AIdvisor will assist with diagnostics and service recommendations. Similarly, our Parts AIdvisor can help with parts recommendations. Additionally, we plan to offer AIgents to help automate decisions and execute actions such as orders or service scheduling, as well as AInalysts that use advanced AI analytics for quality analysis, predictive maintenance, and more. We aim to train our AI on everything product-related, from product catalogs to all types of other information, so that we can enable your marketing, sales, and service teams throughout the customer lifecycle. 

What is your pricing model? offers a simple, cost-effective subscription model based on the number of answers an Advisor provides. Our account executives will be happy to provide you with a quote.

Can Product AIdvisor be customized to match my company’s branding?

Yes, you can customize your Advisor with custom greeting messages and conversation starters. You can also adjust the chat interface to align with your brand colors and upload your company logo to ensure your Advisor has your company’s look and feel.

Can I use Product AIdvisor for advice on services and parts?

Absolutely. We are seeing customers ask for Advisors for customer service, warranty advice, service technicians, and much more. Any use case that relies on simplifying a large repository of information and relaying it back to human users is a perfect application for our Advisors.

Can I use Product AIdvisor internally?

Yes, your internal teams could use the same Advisor your customers use, or you can create separate Advisors with expanded knowledge only accessible to internal teams. By enabling your internal teams, you can improve the quality, velocity, and consistency of answers and recommendations.

How hard is it for me to get started using it?

The setup for Creating and editing Advisors takes about two minutes. Processing and training the AI system only takes an hour or so. We will handle the heavy lifting and collaborate with you to curate the knowledge base needed to train the AI.

What industries will see the most benefit from Product AIdvisor?

Product AIdvisor is best suited for manufacturers, distributors, and retailers of high-value products such as consumer appliances, electronics, office equipment, heavy equipment, automotive, and medical devices. Customers typically need help with these products as they are generally complex and have different configurations.

Unlock the Future

Watch the full webinar here to learn more about the future of intelligent guided selling and how to transform your product catalogs into an AI-powered sales advisor for your customers and sales teams.

Sign up by June 30th and get exclusive access to Product AIdvisor. Ask to be an early adopter to enjoy these benefits:

  • 30-day free trial.
  • 50% discount for the first three months after your trial ends.
  • Free onboarding services.

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