Press Releases Launches Product AIdvisor: A Conversational and Knowledgeable AI Advisor To Transform the Customer Experience launches Product AIdvisor, a Conversational and Knowledgeable AI advisor to guide customers, drive sales, and transform the customer experience.



Tampa, FL, April 22, 2024, a pioneer in Decision Intelligence solutions, announces the launch of Product AIdvisor, an innovative conversational AI solution to revolutionize customer interactions and sales performance.

Product AIdvisor leverages the power of Generative AI to offer manufacturers, distributors, and retailers an intelligent guide capable of answering product inquiries, steering customers through their purchasing journey, and suggesting tailored recommendations based on individual needs.

Trained on extensive product catalogs and knowledge, Product AIdvisor seamlessly integrates with websites, applications, and various channels, enabling businesses to engage customers globally with personalized and frictionless interactions.

"We are excited to launch Product AIdvisor, our groundbreaking AI-powered advisor designed to revolutionize customer interactions and elevate sales performance." Said Ashok Kartham, founder and CEO of "Product AIdvisor empowers global enterprises to build personalized, frictionless interactions with their customers, ultimately generating high-quality leads and optimizing sales outcomes."  

Companies are experiencing more than 70% customer attrition or shopping cart abandonment due to global competition, an increasing array of choices, and product complexity. Product AIdvisor addresses this issue of cart abandonment and increases customer conversion by 30% by simplifying product selection, recommending products based on customer specific needs, and guiding the customer through the buying process.

"As a conversational and informed chatbot backed by extensive product knowledge, Product AIdvisor conducts engaging, lifelike dialogues, directing customers to their ideal product choices." Nathan Tarpey, Principal Product Manager at, said, "By asking clarifying questions and evaluating individual preferences, Product AIdvisor tailors the shopping experience, building trust and customer satisfaction."

“Organizations need GenAI to help themselves and their customers improve their decision velocity, ultimately shortening the time cycle between the transaction and the time a decision is made”, said Mickey North Rizza, Group Vice-President Enterprise Software.  “IDC's Future Enterprise Resiliency and Spending Survey, Wave 1 2024 finds 66% of IDC survey respondents recognize the foundation models, platforms, and application technologies of GenAI will disrupt their competitive position or business operating model in the next 18 months.” 

Companies can boost sales productivity by answering customer questions and qualifying customer needs before a salesperson is engaged. Product AIdvisor enables sales teams and channel partners to access all product knowledge easily and engage customers to close more deals.  

"Product AIdvisor is built on world-class Generative AI foundation models, an industry-leading data intelligence platform, and conversational AI manager to deliver scalable, high performance, and trusted solutions to enterprise customers." Said Dheeraj Inampudi, head of Engineering at, "We empower marketing and sales executives to monitor and measure every conversation, providing detailed analytics highlighting customer behavior and sales performance, allowing you to optimize your strategy for even greater success."  

Learn more about Product AIdvisor. You can register now for a webinar on April 25, 2024, at 1 PM EDT/10 AM PST to watch a live demo of Product AIdvisor and experience the transformative effects of conversational AI that truly delivers improved conversion rates, growing sales, and satisfied customers.  

Product AIdvisor is now available for companies to use in an Enterprise AI as a Service model with simple and cost-effective subscription pricing. also announced an early adopter program with a free trial and onboarding for customers signing up before June 30, 2024. Contact us today to learn how this innovative solution can elevate your customer experience and amplify your sales success.  

About, an innovative leader in Decision Intelligence, enables global companies to optimize outcomes by providing Enterprise AI as a Service applications to analyze, augment, and automate impactful decisions.'s intelligent business applications, powered by unique decision circuits, help companies grow sales, improve productivity, increase customer retention, and allocate resources effectively by orchestrating decisions throughout the customer lifecycle. Please visit to learn more.

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